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Robecchi: plastics PEEK ®

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  • Robecchi: manufacturer of products in PEEK®

    Robecchi is a company specialized in plastics and polymer PEEK®. We work in all the major plastics for several companies operating in the main industrial sectors. We are equipped with high precisions machineries operated by extremely skilled staff who is able to produce different types of work in plastics and polymer PEEK®.info PEEK


Polyether ether ketone (PEEK®) is an organic and colorless thermoplastic polymer used in engineering applications. PEEK ® polymer is a thermoplastic semi-crystalline material with great mechanical and chemical strength properties, that do not change even at high temperatures.


PEEK ® polymer has excellent properties:
> High modulus of elasticity (Young's modulus)
> Excellent tribological properties
> Abrasion resistance
> Excellent resistance to other agents
> Approved by FDA
> Physiologically inert
> Excellent chemical resistance
> Naturally flame retardant

info PEEK

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